Viral reminder / my calendar is empty / no events today.

So, the world is in quarantine — self-imposed, or otherwise — with everyone struggling to work-from-home, many at half or no-pay. Or they are trying to work and shop safely outside of the home, as the threshold of “permissible” group gatherings keeps dropping from 250 > 100 > 50 > and now 10+ is discouraged.

Luckily, the supply chain promises that they have enough goods to refill shelves in the grocery stores and shops, while we all practice social-distancing, eschew normal behaviors such as handshaking, and learn new ones such as vigorous hand-washing for 20 seconds. As a friend of mine wrote today in his email newsletter, “wash them, don’t shake them.”

And as all this goes on, my artificially-intelligent calendar continues to dutifully remind me that I have no events today

So, please do all you can to protect yourself and your family, other loved ones, and the high-risk populations: elderly (65+ years-old), and those with conditions which make them vulnerable. Be smart everything you can to slow the spread of this virus, as well as the next one…

Stay safe and healthy!

// haikumages

Haikumages are original words, pixels, images, haiku & senryū musings, from the twisted brain, cracked lens, blurry eyes and bleeding heart of Russ Murray.

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